Ocean Rowing with SeaSports South West

You may not know this but SeaSports Southwest have worked alongside Atlantic Campaigns to provide training for the world’s toughest row since 2012, with teams and individuals coming from all corners of the globe to complete their specialised ocean rowing, on-shore training with SeaSports Southwest here in little old Teignmouth.  So we were very excited this year to have a local Teignmouth based team, All Oar Nothing, to sponsor in their epic challenge to take on ‘the worlds toughest rowing race’ across the Atlantic. 

We have always said that if a local Teignmouth team were to enter we would like to be a sponsor, in order to increase our show of support for the event.  We are looking forward to working with all of those training for the challenge in 2019 and it will be even more exciting than usual to see our name on a boat when we join the teams at the start line in La Gomera this December (well someone has to wave them all off with a cocktail in hand!) 

Tom, Lewis, Chris and Charlie, four childhood friends from South Devon who make up the All Oar Nothing team, will embark on the challenge of a lifetime in December 2019. They will attempt to row 3,000 miles unassisted across the Atlantic as they compete to win the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge - the world’s toughest rowing race –in support of four incredible charities.

·         3000 Miles

·         Up To 50 Days At Sea

·         Sub-Zero To 35 Degree Temperatures    40 Foot Waves

·         2 Hours Rowing 2 Hours Rest

·         Burn Over 10,000 Calories/Day

Rowing across the world’s second largest ocean will push the crew to their physical and mental limits - there’s a reason that more people have climbed Everest than have successfully navigated the 3,000 nautical miles from La Gomera, off the coast of Africa, to English Harbour, Antigua.

The challenge is far more than just the row, it’s a two year mission of meticulous preparation. Buying, organising, learning about and preparing the boat, coordinating crew members across three continents, learning the appropriate navigation, seamanship and survival skills necessary and training like professional athletes to get their bodies in the condition to endure such hardship.

If you would like to read more about All Oar Nothing or sponsor the team you can visit their website, find them on facebook or twitter

If you would like to find out more about Ocean Rowing why not give us a call or take a look on our website Ocean Rowing page


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