More women on the water with Devon Girls Can

We had a great start to our campaign to get more women out on the water, in  partnership with Devon Girls Can, with Sunday seeing 3 packed ladies only paddle board taster sessions.

It was fantastic to have 3 full sessions of eager women out on the water...and inevitably a little bit 'in the water'.   With the glorious weather being an additional bonus, a lot of fun was had by all.

We kicked off our campaign, in partnership with Devon Girls Can, by inviting women to come along to a special (women only) introductory paddle boarding session on Sunday 12th May.  The one hour taster session introduced beginners to the joy of stand up paddle boarding.   In order to encourage women to come along and try out the fun paddle sport we discounted the session to £10, from its normal £25 price.

We know that there are still far fewer women involved in a lot of sports, including water sports, which has been highlighted through the UKs ‘This Girl Can’ campaign and more locally through the Active Devon campaign,  ‘Devon Girls Can’.  Enjoying water sports so much myself (Sue) and knowing how rewarding the sports are, I would love to encourage more women to try out a variety of water sports and hopefully they will find the enjoyment and satisfaction that I do from being out on the water.

‘Devon Girls Can’ is a celebration of active women in Devon, developed by Sport England under the umbrella of the ‘This Girl Can’ UK wide campaign, to help women overcome the fear of judgement stopping too many women and girls from joining in with sport and activity.

So come on, lets get more women and girls jiggling, wiggling and splashing their way around Devon!

Jo Wood