Sally (Start Sailing)

Hi Sue, just a quick note of thanks to you, Sam, Tom and the team, Ollie and I had an awesome couple of days!

Kate – Environment Agency (Paddle and Pizza evening)

"Blimey my shoulders are aching haha!  Thank you so much for organising last night's session at Teignmouth- what a lovely evening.   Really enjoyed the challenge of trying something completely new with everyone else around you being supportive..... I would definitely have another go, I would like to get a bit more confident."   Thanks again!  Will be in touch soon to arrange another event mi thinks. Kate

Viv (Start Sailing 5 day)

What a superb place to learn to sail, I would like to extend my thanks to the whole team. Absolute beginner I was terrified never to late to try something new, the whole team worked with me in a gentle and calm way most importantly listen to my verbal and non verbal language to aid my new discovery of sailing. I cannot praise them enough they have given me so much confidence and a love to keep sailing in the long term. I purchased some stock also so there is no need to shop anywhere else, my desire now is to return and show them how much I have grown in a years time and for them to see me at one with myself, water and boat. On a personal note I would like to thank Sue, Tim, Pete and Sam for sharing the process with me, you don't realise how much of an impact you have had on my self discovery. It's precious. Xxx

Sue (PWC Taster)

Wow, what fast, fun. After a quick instruction, with Tim, it was onboard, and a gentle 4 MPH out of the harbour, then FULL throttle shortly ensued.. OMG. 40mph, wizzing across the sea . Banging up and down ,leaping up out of the seat, holding on for dear life, like I was told. The instructor was behind me. When he told me to turn, I naturally, closed down the throttle, oh no, this is wrong, keep it going fast he said, it makes turning far easier and he doesn't get soaked in the spray. We stopped to look for a Dolphin, but no sightings, then it was off Training mode, which enabled me to go 10mph faster. Yes, speeds of 50-55mph. Oh it was very exhilirating. I didn't appreciate how wet and cold I would get though. After peeling off the 5mm Wet Suit,( that is an art form in itself), then it was in for a welcome hot shower. An excellent Birthday present. Very Exhilirating - Don't think about it DO IT

The instructor made this a thoroughly enjoyable day by listening, adapting activities, demonstrating and giving examples to illustrate different points. i would really recomentd a 1 to 1 to others. I feel I've covered all the gaps from other short couirses I have done so far.