Youth windsurfing Stage one


REQUIRED KNOWLEDGE/SKILLS:  None, suitable for beginners

ABILITY AT COURSE END: You will be able to sail to a chosen point on the water and return to where you started from in light winds.



COURSE DESCRIPTION: Learn the basics of this fantastic sport in a fun-filled atmosphere.

Windsurfing is a great sport, as you can be up and sailing in a couple of hours.  However, there is so much more to it than that. Our first three courses start with the basics of getting you afloat and teaching you how to sail and turn the board.

As you progress you can reach the stage where you can windsurf in stronger winds, get onto the plane, where you are skimming over the top of the water, with feet in the footstraps, giving you a real buzz. From then it’s up to you.

At stage 1 we introduce you to basic parts of the kit and get you up and sailing across the wind and back again.

course costs

FULL PRICE: £150.00

full payment required when booking

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